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Why is this survey taking place?

People change – and precise knowledge of human body shapes is indispensable for the development of vehicles and apparel. The body measurements and proportions of the North American population have changed considerably in recent decades, as has the demographic structure of the USA and Canada. The anthropometric data and standard size tables that are currently available derive from old data and can therefore only help the industry in a limited way.

The changes that have occurred within the populations are not addressed and detailed information on specific target groups and market shares is not currently available.

Additionally, data about children and young adults is also a major point of focus. There is an extremely limited amount of data available for the age groups from 6 to 17, and current children’s size tables are based off datasets from 1930 to 1970. Size NorthAmerica is set out to remedy this by capturing and documenting the changes of recent years.

What data is acquired – and how?

  • More than 100 measurements per person
  • Each subject is scanned in four positions, three standing and one sitting
  • Compatibility with ASTM measurements is guaranteed
  • ISO 8559-compliant (garment construction and anthropometric surveys)
  • ISO 7250-compliant (human body measurement for technological design)
  • Socio-Demographic information

Current Scan Locations

LaSalle College
Vancouver, BC, Canada

4/26 - 6/22

2665 Renfrew Street, Vancouver, BC V5M 0A7

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CRC Research
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

5/2 - 5/30

5455 Avenue De Gaspe, Suite 706/708, 7th Floor
Montreal, QC H2T 3B3

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