Size Surveys in the Industry; the expertise of our team


Human Solutions provides the most efficient and accurate equipment and expertise for size surveys worldwide

Human Solutions has the measurement technology, the necessary hardware and software, the data processing infrastructure and almost 20 years of experience in the area of automated body measurement. The technology - the most powerful in the world - and its expertise in large anthropometric surveys have already proven their worth in Size Surveys worldwide.


Our survey data in iSize:

  • SizeITALY 2012-2013 (m 3336 / f 2537)
  • Plus size Germany 2009 (f 2256)
  • 3D Child France 2009 (m 1071 / f 1106)
  • SizeGERMANY 2007-2008 (m 4922 / f 7210)
  • Swiss Health Study 2007 (m 8424 / f 10336)
  • France 2005-2006 (m 5076 / f 6486)
  • SizeKOREA 2003-2004 (m 3100/ f 3100)
  • NedScan Netherlands 1999-2000 (m 564 / f 691)
  • HQL Japan 1994 (m 3000 / f 3000)
  • NHANES III USA 1990 (m 6821 / f 7806)
  • GB 10000-88 China 1985-1988 (m 11164 / f 11150)

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The companies of the Human Solutions Group offer technologies, which make development and production more efficient ― and at the same time provide key size & fit data for your target groups, seamlessly integrated into your processes. And we take the optimal path in every sector. Visit the website...


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