What is Size NorthAmerica?


Why is this survey needed?

People change. The North American population has changed significantly since the year 2000. European surveys indicate stronger diversity and show new data for changes in proportions in the higher weight ranges.

Accurate representation of the population. Many anthropometric studies were initiated – but are not representative. Size NorthAmerica will provide a valid image and data of the various target groups in fashion and automotive.

No data of children. Currently, there is no anthropometric data available for children in North America. European surveys show a significant difference in body form and proportions, even for younger age groups.

3D body scanning. This state-of-the-art technology provides accurate, fast and standardized measuring. Compared to manual measurements, 3D body scanning provides more accurate and reliable results.

Competitive advantage. Size and fit are key factors in the buying process of fashion and apparel’s customer, and so are comfort and safety for customer of the automotive industry. Using the survey data in your product design will be a huge market benefit. For the first time, results will be available in a completely new form: the iSize web portal. The iSize web portal provides a quick and convenient access to the results and is also flexible with comfortable evaluation and analysis functions. 

As the first representative anthropometric survey, Size NorthAmerica will follow a specific survey design and use leading technology for scanning and evaluation of data.


Key facts Size NorthAmerica:

  • Precise segmentation of the survey pool (e. g. city/country, region, gender, ethnicity, age). The use of technology will enhance a precise segmentation of the survey pool with dynamic subject control to ensure necessary survey volumes are statistically represented.
  • Standardized surveying with 3D body scanners according to ISO 20685: 3-D scanning methodologies for internationally compatible anthropometric databases
  • Standardized measuring according to ISO 8559 and ASTM for fashion and ISO 7250, DIN 33402 for automotive in several positions (standing and sitting)
  • Participating companies can join the Advisory Board to represent industry interests
  • Survey pool: 17,820 men, women and children
  • Access on iSize web portal for evaluation and data
  • Survey design and implementation by market leader Human Solutions Group with high experience in similar size surveys. The experienced team is also well known for its contribution in technological innovation, support and training in the apparel industry.
  • The results: Body measurement data for men, women and children, demographic data, overall percentile breakdown of body measurements, specific target groups, and age groups


Survey schedule


Survey design: overall planning and design to comply with scientific, statistical and industry standards

in progress

Subscription phase: Fashion and automotive companies to sign up for participation. 20 % discount for early Subscribers until January 31, 2017

Result: Final survey design approved by Advisory Board


Survey implementation: Around 50 survey sites are planned to be visited at high frequency points in six geographical regions in the United States and Canada. Survey participants will be acquired by promotion/invitation, scanned and interviewed by trained local personnel and supervised by survey team. Measurement sites can also include participating companies.

Result: Measurements taken of more than 17,000 men, women and childrencom


Survey evaluation: Data analysis and evaluation of results for US portion of the survey.

Result: Integration of results and data for U.S. portion into iSize web portal


Canada: Measurement in canada and integration of the data into iSize web portal


Measurement details of the survey

  • Measurement with 3D body scanners
  • More than 100 measurements taken per individual
  • 4 postures to be scanned per individual: 3 standing and 1 seated position
  • Compatibility with ASTM measurement definitions
  • In accordance with ISO 8559 (garment construction and anthropometric survey)
  • In accordance with ISO 7250 (basic human body measurements for technological design)    
  • Demographic questionnaire


A day at the survey site...

This is how test persons will experience the survey                                                

Greeting. Participants will be greeted and informed by our team about the survey and its procedures.

Interview session. Participants will be invited to fill out a questionnaire or are being interviewed by
specially trained staff. This step will last about 20 minutes.

Measurement session: Participants will be proceeding to change room to get changed and will be scanned in underwear to guarantee best measuring results. Then participants will get into the 3D scanner to be scanned. Body measurements are taken in several standardized positions, standing and sitting. Each scanning takes only several seconds. Weight and height are taken separately. The overall measurement session will take about 10 minutes. Privacy and anonymity are guaranteed in the entire process.

Good-bye. Participants usually spend about half an hour at the survey site. They are greeted at the exit and
will be receiving a giveaway prior to leaving site.   


Leading technology for size surveys

Planning, management and analysis – Anthroscan:  

Anthroscan is the best system for the planning, execution and evaluation of serial measurements and studies. This internationally approved system comprises 3D body scanners, mobile data acquisition and software for centralized evaluation and statistical analysis. Thousands of records can be automatically processed in a short time.

Measuring/data gathering – 3D body scanner VITUS Smart XXL:

Body scanning by Human Solutions offers the world’s most accurate method of measurement and allows the integration of size & fit data at the same time. VITUS Smart XXL offers the exact three-dimensional imaging of the human body within 10 seconds.

Past-survey data availability and usability – iSize:

Providing the results in iSize, the web portal for international survey data, offers not only the opportunity to access results quickly and conveniently, but also in a flexible manner with comfortable evaluation and analysis functions, providing an unbeatable advantage over previous methods of publication. The data can be easily imported into Cad.Assyst and Vidya.